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Comphy Sheets

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An "Innkeeper's Secret" ...

comphy-retail-set-500x428.jpgThe Comphy Company sells its sheets and bed linens through the finest hotels, bed & breakfasts, resorts and spas who use the sheets. The Lion and the Rose is a top-rated bed & breakfast in Portland, Oregon. We use the sheets, sell them to our guests, their family and friends ... and we sell them here in our online gift shop.

The Lion and the Rose is an authorized Distributor of Comphy Sheets. All orders are immediately sent to the Comphy Company for fulfillment and shipping.

 You spend 1/3 of your life in bed
so your sheets should be Comphy!

Guests at the Lion and the Rose Bed & Breakfast rest easy on Comphy Sheets.

These amazing no-iron  bed linens feel like luxurious high count cotton but are actually made from a breathable high performance microfiber.

Besides feeling great, these sheets need no ironing and they dry quickly. They are pre-treated to resist stains and are non-allergenic. One study even showed that people even sleep better on Comphy Sheets.

Comphy sheets come in white, cream, tea green, silver blue and chocolate and are NOT sold in stores.


 If you would like to sleep on Comphy Sheets at home, we can have them shipped directly to you. They also make great gifts!



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